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I have had the opportunity to get to know Daniel Åström and his wife Karin over the past few years. Daniel and I have served as board members for a Christian association in Aneby. During that time, I have discovered qualities in Daniel that I greatly appreciate, particularly in his role as the association’s secretary.
Knowledge, thoroughness, and above all, loyalty are some characteristics that describe Daniel well, both as a person and as a friend. Daniel has a clear prophetic anointing, even though he is just at the beginning of his calling, his capacity, and what God wants to use him for. In addition to experiencing this in my own heart, he has also clearly demonstrated this gift on several occasions, both privately and publicly, in front of other believers at our prayer meetings at the Prayer Center in Gothenburg, which my wife Lena and I lead.
Daniel has a clear sharpness in his anointing and combined with his warm love for people and a burning gift to prophetically release God’s people and God’s congregation, I can give him my warmest recommendations.

God has also given Daniel a wonderful vision to help and support Christian entrepreneurs in Sweden and internationally.
I want to encourage and support this work with all my heart. Therefore, I pray that God will open more doors for Daniel and his wife Karin as they continue their prayerful journey.
Gothenburg, June 18, 2024.

Ronny Wallin
CEO of Wallins Fastighetsservice AB
Leader/Founder of Prayer Center Gothenburg
(Translated from Swedish by Daniel Åström).

I had the privilege of being coached by Daniel Åström, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Daniel’s expertise and guidance have been transformative for me, as he coaches from a kingdom perspective. His insightful advice, personalized approach, and unwavering support have helped me achieve goals I once thought were out of reach. Daniel’s coaching has truly been a game-changer in my personal and professional development. Thank you, Daniel, for your dedication and commitment to my success!

Just to introduce myself, I am Tigist Tesfaye, a married mother of four beautiful girls, a PhD candidate in Management, and a Director at a private consultancy and training firm. Above all, I am a woman who loves Jesus and dedicates my life to advancing the kingdom of God on this earth.

I was fortunate to receive coaching from Daniel Åström, and I unequivocally endorse him. A couple of years ago, Daniel shared a prophecy with me that has since come true, and his counsel has been crucial in my journey. Even while pursuing my PhD in Sweden, Daniel made time to mentor me, aiding me in deepening my faith and clarifying my purpose. Additionally, he continues to coach me through Zoom meetings while I am in Ethiopia. His comprehensive approach has revolutionized my life. Daniel is a transformative figure and an authentic prophet. I strongly urge you to connect with him – you will be thoroughly blessed.

Tigist Tesfaye PhD candidate in Management.
Trees in prophetic interpretation often stands for leadership.

I have worked closely with Daniel for a few years in a business mastermind that he helps facilitate.
Daniel has been pivotal in challenging my level of ambition and hope in what is possible. If I can involve God in my goals and strategies then they can come to pass. Daniel reminds me that God gave me big dreams and visions that I can only achieve without leaning into my own understanding, and in tight collaboration with Him. Daniel’s style is to give plenty of space for spiritual discernment and to hear fresh wisdom in each moment of his coaching.
He has a beautiful turn of phrase because Daniel is an artist at heart.
His enquiry as a coach is amazingly astute but delivered with such humility.
Daniel’s heart is to empower social entrepreneurship that can bring home the broken and the lost.
He so generously wants to bring as many as possible on this journey and to reach their highest calling. 

Laura Izard, Director of Recruitment.

I have had the privilege of working with Daniel on x number of occasions.
In a structured and patient way, Daniel has helped me gain insights into myself, my strengths, which values are important to me,
and which qualities and skills God has equipped me with.
Furthermore, I have received great help in understanding the importance of having a vision and co-labor with God to achieve it.

During the process. The Lord Jesus Christ gave me two inner visions about what God called me to do with my business and work life. (This was the first time I heard from the Lord in this way).

With a focus on structure, continuity, and, more important. Seeking the guidance of God. By continuously growing in a close relationship and intimacy with Jesus.
I have come a long way on my journey as a person and entrepreneur.

Rickard Carlsson, consultant.

During 6 occasions spread over three months, I had the privilege of using Daniel Åström’s facilitating coaching.
The goal was to get closer to God and have God’s leadership in my business and private life. Through various tasks given to me, I gained new perspectives on previous values about what is important to me in my business and personal life.
Focusing on God in all areas of life is the most important thing for my business and me personally. With the help of spiritual life in prayer, worship, and praise,
I have gained a new perspective on the creative process of my business. I’m not a complete scholar. I am learning and moving forward.
It is crucial to reconcile with your mistakes from the past and learn to trust God and be led by Him in everything.
God is your provider in all financial matters. Your responsibility is to manage what God has entrusted to you.
Daniel Åström’s facilitative leadership suits everyone regardless of background and belief.
I recommend taking the opportunity to hire Daniel’s services as a coach.
It will lead both you and Your business forward.

Eric Wallberg, photographer & designer.
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