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My range of services is based on a concept of mutual partnership.
Partnership in God’s kingdom is a dynamic collaboration rooted in God’s purposes and mutual support. Each partner contributes unique gifts, insights, and resources, enabling them to achieve goals that none of them could accomplish alone. This synergy enhances their impact, promotes the expansion of God’s kingdom, and supports God-given visions/blueprints, goals, and strategies.
Their joint efforts embody the power of unity. It unleashes God’s glory, power, and all necessary resources to expand God’s kingdom with strength in all areas of life.

Airplane in prophetic dream interpretation. (size & type of plane correlates to the interpretation)
Prophetic ministry; going to heights in the Spirit; new & higher understanding.
Blue color: Holy Spirit, The Presence of God, revelation. Green color: growth, prosperity, conscious.

Each partner plays a crucial role, contributing their strengths and compensating for weaknesses, making the partnership a powerful tool for God’s work.
This requires a deep commitment built on prayer and God’s guidance, seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness. Trust, humility, and respect are fundamental, as partners receive Divine wisdom through one another.

Prophetic partnership is characterized by being driven by God’s purposes, where both parties realize that their relationship is part of God’s great plans.
Together, they navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and release God’s power to advance the Kingdom of God, making a real difference in the local community and far beyond.

My role in this partnership is to equip you to hear God’s voice, so that you can grow in being led by His Spirit. Walk in God’s glory.
With the primary focus on your own growth in relationship, friendship, and partnership with The Lord, based on the greatest commandment in God’s Word:

”‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Mat 22:37-38 (NIV)

I will support you in developing a strong prayer life, helping you mature into a lifestyle of deep intimacy with God.
In addition, I will also pray and listen to Jesus Christ together with you, using my special gifts, anointing and authority as a prophet.
To give you prophetic confirmation, words and encouragement. And engage in spiritual warfare, driving back the darkness and release the Presence of God and revelation upon you so that you may operate in spiritual freedom, in the work God has called you to.

Your role in this partnership is to support me financially, ensuring a sustainable living situation, so I can faithfully pursue the calling the Lord has given me. The prophetic will always be offered without charge. Any financial exchange is solely related to the strategic work I perform and enables me to remain faithful to my calling.

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