Prophetic consulting

Do you need a breakthrough in a specific area? Do you need help testing or understanding a prophetic word spoken over you?
Do you need wisdom from the Lord in an important decision?
Or assistance in creating strategies around a prophetic word spoken over you?
Most prophetic words contain elements that need to be fulfilled by the recipient for them to come to pass!

The key in prophetic consultation is that I work in a structured manner and ask strategic questions. I listen to you and the Holy Spirit simultaneously, so that you can receive the keys and strategies for a breakthrough.

The prophetic aspect is always free. You can try the first hour at no cost. After that, we can make a separate agreement for the part that pertains to the actual consultation.

N.B! This is for business owners/business leaders only!

Try one hour for free!

Welcome to a complimentary one-hour session of prophetic consultation.
Subsequent sessions can be arranged through special agreements following our initial discussion.
The initial hour is provided at no cost, and additional collaboration will be organized once the details are mutually agreed upon.
To initiate the process, kindly book a 15-minute Zoom meeting by clicking the button below. In this meeting, we’ll explore your preferences and outline our plan for the complimentary hour together. Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll promptly receive the Zoom meeting link.
Please note that the availability for these meetings is limited, so it’s advisable to secure your preferred time in advance.
I am eager and look forward to the opportunity to support you on your journey!

Prophetic art - Surfing the white water - BIFA 2021 Silver award.
Prophetic art – Surfing the white water – BIFA 2021 Silver award.
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